Thursday, December 5, 2019


Custom Software

WCC customized a stochastic economic model for development of an oil and gas property.  Features include:

  • 6-rig drilling schedule with learning curve
  • 6-rig completion schedule independent of drilling schedule
  • Stochastic inputs for production forecast and workover forecast (vary by well)
  • Stochastic inputs for CAPEX, OPEX, prices - complex model including triggers for changes based on time or rate (model changes to gathering system, compression, water handling, etc independently)
  • Existing wells are modeled deterministically
  • Program is currently being used commercially
  • We can customize for your specific needs
2P & 3P Reserves

WCC performed a process review of a client's 2P & 3P reserve calculations to ensure they comply with the latest SEC reserve definitions.  A number of recommendations were made so that documentation of critical "reliable technologies" was complete.

Economic Evaluation of Major SAGD Project

WCC created a custom economic model to forecast SAGD production based on several type wells and a variable drilling schedule.  Multiple development scenerios were run on this large project to aid in the preparation of a bid for the property.

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